Bus Service - 824, 825

We have been able to source a bus service via an extension of the 824 which also serves Newman College.

The service will start on Monday 21st November.

There are two buses running this route; this route serves Bardsley and Werneth to Collective Spirit.
The afternoon service is a new service numbered 825 which will operate from Collective Spirit via Werneth and Glodwick to Lees.

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Prices and Tickets
The prices with an igo card for both the 824 and 825 are:
Single: £1.20 (£1.60 without igo card)
Return: £2 (not available without an igo card)
Weekly £6.50 (not available without an igo card)

To apply for an igo pass please download a form using the link below, alternatively please call the school and the Office staff will print a form out for your child.
The forms are not to be returned to school, please take them to a Travel shop at a main bus station or post it to the free post address in Section G of the form.

These weekly tickets are only valid on school buses and not on any general services.  If children also use buses at weekends, they may want to buy a System One ticket instead.  They cost £9.95 or £9.00 with a Get me There (smart) card.  Details can be found at www.systemonetravelcards.co.uk and www.getmethere.com.
System One tickets are valid on any operator’s services, both school and general.
Children need to have an igo pass in order to be able to buy the concessionary fare tickets above and System One.  For full details of igo cards, please visit www.igo.tfgm.com.  Children without igo cards will be charged a higher single fare of £1.60 and will not be able to buy a return or weekly.

Please be aware that this bus service is not run by Collective Spirit.
It is therefore it is the responsibility of all Parents/Carers to:
• Ensure their child is at their chosen bus stop at the required time to use this service. If students miss the bus for any reason they must find an alternative way to travel to school.
• Always show the (valid) igo pass to the driver or to any other official who requests it during travel OR to ensure your child has the correct money for travel.
• All students must adhere to the behavior code. GMT have the right to withdraw travel if they believe your child has behaved in an antisocial way. Collective Spirit does not have the authority to over rule any decision made by GMT to withdraw the right to travel.

Please see GMT full terms and conditions of travel

Bus operator details
Rossendale run one of the 824s and the 825 – 01706 868132
First run the other 824 – 0161 627 2929

Dates of Service
The service will run from November 21st 2016– July 28th 2017. Please make a note that the buses will not run during August Term time and will terminate on 28th July which leaves the final week for students to make their own way to Collective Spirit.

If you have any further queries please contact Collective Spirit or GMT