School Uniform

School Uniform

We believe that having a smart uniform that pupils are proud to wear, that is also practical, modest and respectful, is a benefit to learning. Pupils feel they are in their work wear, therefore have a committed work ethic. Our uniform reflects the school ethos and colours.


  • – Uniform prevents pupils feeling that what they wear matters more than the work they do.
  • – It is practical; for PE, for trips and for physical activities, we will provide appropriate tops.
  • – On trips, for safeguarding purposes, commemorative tops will be provided, so that we behave responsibly, representing the school and are easily recognisable.

Uniform Guidance

Everyday school uniform: The blazer, school jumper and tie will be provided by the school.The white shirt and grey trousers, tunic or skirt should be purchased by parents. All pupils will be expected to wear plain black shoes, with plain navy or grey socks or tights. Trainers will not be accepted.

PE / Physical activity: The PE shirts can be purchased from school; the tracksuit bottoms should be purchased by parents. No other PE kit can be worn and should be in school every day.

School trips / Special events: Each school event or trip will have a provided school commemorative t-shirt. In addition, a variety of school t-shirts and hoodies will be available for pupils to earn through the school “Weekly Pay Check” rewards system (see below). On school visits, for PE and on special event days, pupils will be able to wear the school t-shirts and hoodies.

Wearing the uniform:

The blazer and tie must be worn at all times and in addition, shirts must be tucked in. No items of clothing will be permitted beneath the school shirt. Ties will be worn and tied at the neck. Ties should cover all buttons. In classrooms, the teacher will give permission to remove the blazer and or the pullover, if required for learning.

For cultural reasons, girls can wear navy blue leggings under tunics or skirts or wear a navy blue headscarf. All outdoor coats, scarves and gloves, and in inclement weather, outdoor boots, should be stored in lockers throughout lesson time. They cannot be worn in school.

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Make-up and Jewellery:

No personal make-up will be allowed on pupils. Pupils will be asked to remove any make-up identified. This includes nail varnish, eye make-up, foundation, lip-gloss, lip-stick, glitter etc.

No jewellery other than a wristwatch may be worn and girls may wear a single, small, plain, metal stud earring in each ear. For health and safety reasons, no other piercings are acceptable; we reserve the right to ask for them to be removed, irrespective of how recently they were done. Covering them with a plaster will not be permitted.


Hair must be kept tidy and kept tied up, if long. Extremes of length or style are not permitted.

Other styling: Parents must ensure that their child avoids unconventional styles. The school reserves the right to insist on re-styling if it considers the style inappropriate or impractical.

Shaved patterns in hair or eyebrows are not permitted. The Principal may grant exceptions to any of the above, but only where this is required as a matter of sincere religious observance and where this can be substantiated by a letter from the leader of the relevant religious community.

Uniform must be in keeping with the school’s ethos. Extremes of fashion will not be permitted. Pupils that come to school in clothing that the Principal considers to be unacceptable will be sent home.