School Meals

School Meals

We take our responsibilities to our pupils seriously and are committed to ensuring that all pupils have access to a nutritious, well balanced meals whilst at school. We know that for some pupils, meals such as ours can prove to be challenging, to mitigate this we work with our School Council and co-design our menu to help ensure it is accessible for all and there is a suitable offer for everybody.

For students who do not receive free school meals, we subsidise the cost of this so that parents pay £1.50 a day. This includes breakfast cereal, fruit and toast at break time and a choice of a school dinner. 

Our in-house team prepare fresh nutritious meals every day. All of our food is sourced from reputable suppliers that are used by well established restaurants and cafes. Our kitchen is rated at 4 stars (Good) by the Food Standards Agency and all of our kitchen staff are Level 3 Food and Safety Standard qualified.

Naturally, in a small school we do not have the economies of scale of larger schools and even though our menu may be more limited than elsewhere, there is a choice for everyone. The school has made a decision to subsidise school meals, thus ensuring no child ever goes hungry. 

Parents are always welcome to join us for lunch. Every day we set aside a table where parents can sample our school dinners. Parents that wish to join us should call the school in the morning they wish to visit.