Emergency Closure Action Plan

Emergency Closure Action Plan

A decision to close the school will be made following a risk assessment, considering the following criteria and conferring with colleagues from the Trust:

  • Safe pupil and staff access to the school site and its general condition
  • Transport from home to school and back again for staff and pupils
  • Catering facilities being available
  • A range of weather forecasts

Once the decision has been made to close the school, based on this risk assessment, the following will happen:

We will inform the:

  • parents and pupils
  • staff
  • transport and catering providers
  • external providers
  • local radio

The information will be sent via text, put on the website and sent on Twitter. Thereafter, these channels will used to update as to when the school will reopen.

If school has to close during the day and pupils need to be sent home, parents will be informed in the same way. However, we shall need to know if pupils have permission to go home early, therefore parents will be required to respond either by text, email or phone in order for them to go home early. It is important we have a swift reply, as the there will be a need for the buses to leave as quickly as possible.

In this weather, it is essential that we can communicate the information, therefore all your emergency contacts should be confirmed with school, especially if numbers have recently changed. It is the emergency number we shall use to inform you and it is therefore the family’s responsibility to keep this current on our system.

In addition, please ensure pupils always have appropriate warm and waterproof clothing and footwear when this kind of weather is forecast, including gloves, headwear and a scarf. On the days when the weather is inclement, pupils should also have the following: if they have one, their mobile phone with them, charged up; some spare cash; and a snack, in case of problems with transport.