Home School Agreement



We wish to create a culture of learning, where children are happy, enthusiastic, motivated and ambitious. We encourage mutual respect, support and collaboration between all adults and children, both within the school and the wider community.

We believe that it is important to provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment for all our children, thereby promoting a sense of pride in our school.

This can be done most effectively when all staff, parents and children understand their responsibilities and work together towards the same goals, as detailed in our home/school agreement.

Our code of conduct sets out what can be expected of the school and our teachers and in return what we expect of our parents and students.


The parents/carers will:

■ Make sure that my child will arrive at school by 8.45 am.

■ Make sure that my child is wearing named school uniform and that their PE kit is brought into school at the beginning of each week.

■ Endeavour to provide a safe, secure and happy environment at home for my child, acknowledging that they learn at home.

■ Let the school know of any concerns or worries that may be affecting my child’s learning, behaviour or ability to do homework, as this can then be resolved quickly.

■ Support the school by encouraging my child to develop a positive attitude towards our diverse, multicultural community.

■ Attend meetings with my child’s teacher and other staff, aiming to be positive and productive, working towards moving my child on in their learning.

■ Support and work with you to ensure that the behaviour management policies of the school are maintained, particularly with my child.

■ Encourage a positive attitude towards my child’s education and our school. If I have any concerns, I will come and discuss them with you as it is much healthier to work out solutions and move on.

■ Read all information sent home as this gives me important details of relevant policies, meetings, workshops, activities, newsletters and open days.

■ Support the school by making sure that homework tasks are completed and returned on time. A child who hasn’t completed their homework is often an unhappy, worried one!

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