Our Curriculum

We have designed a school around the needs of our students. League tables are a secondary concern. When our students gain qualifications these will be academic, highly respected and comparable to those of the highest performing in the country. We will challenge and stretch both our students and ourselves. We pledge that our approach to qualifications will:

have rigour – We will fully prepare all of our students so that they are able to pass their exams and fulfil their potential.  It is our relentless ambition that all young people leaving Collective Spirit will contribute to society and achieve.

be challenging – Our students are expected to perform at the highest standards on a daily basis.  We strive to challenge young people to be the best that they can be.  We expect that our students will work to gain the highest grades and will be pushed with integrity to achieve.

be respected – We aspire to be the natural 1st for parents.  This means that we act at all times in a manner that promotes high value learning opportunities for young people.  Our students represent Collective Spirit in the community and we place high value on their conduct and contribution as active ambassadors for our school.

Our students will have the opportunity to leave with GCSE Grades 1-9 (A* to C) in at least:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Double Science
  • Modern Foreign Language (Spanish)
  • Humanities (History)
  • Computer Science

Our students will be able to undertake these additional GCSEs:

  • Art
  • Music
  • English Literature
  • Religious Education
  • Opportunity for a 3rd Science subject
  • Media

Where students demonstrate an aptitude for learning in other academic subjects we are committed to bringing in suitable teachers to help make this happen. We are a small school and that makes it easier for us to ensure that each student can follow a personalised pathway and Study Programme.

We aim for our students to leave with both the English Baccalaureate and a number of additional GCSEs. We believe in high quality outcomes for everything that we do.  We envisage that for many of our students –  studying 10 GCSEs is achievable.